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Treatments & Services

At Nurture Day Spa & Natural Wellness Center, we offer a variety of therapeutic

spa treatments & wellness services designed to nurture each & every individual.

Whether you are in search of relaxation, are addressing health or lifestyle concerns,

are looking to improve overall wellness or to optimize performance,

Nurture has the treatments & services to fit your needs.  

Nurture has carefully chosen & acquired state of the art equipment, developed an unparalleled service menu

& curated a unique selection of health & wellness products in an effort to become one of the

premier wellness location in Southeast Ohio.  Feel free to explore some of our services below.

Infrared Sauna

30 minute session
Private & Group Sessions Available

Used by holistic practitioners, spas & athletes around the world, infrared saunas use heat & deeply penetrating light wavelengths to promote relaxation, detoxification & tissue regeneration.  Safe, inexpensive & powerful!

Some benefits of the infrared sauna may include:

  • Reduction of pain & inflammation

  • Improved cardiovascular health

  • Weight loss & reduction of cellulite

  • Improved skin health & appearance

  • Improved sleep, mood, stress tolerance & resilience

  • Whole body detoxification, release of accumulated toxins

Infrared Sauna

Aqua Massage

15 - 30 minute Sessions

  • Remain fully clothed while relaxing comfortably on a massage table.

  • Proprietary technology & design means you get all the benefits of hydromassage, while staying dry.

  • Eliminate anxiety arising from having body work being performed by an unfamiliar person.

  • Customizable programs to fit individual needs & goals​.

Hydrofusion Therapy

30 minute session


Nurture the body's largest organ, your skin!

Enjoy a totally customizable experience in our Hydration Station by Sybaritic. 

Make your selections from a comprehensive menu including vibratory massage, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, steam bath, infrared heat & your choice of vitamin infused moisture. This treatment will improve the look & feel of your skin, can reduce the appearance of problem areas & cellulite & help you achieve a darker,

 longer lasting tan (UV; indoor or outdoor or UV Free/Airbrush tan).


15 minute session

Learn More
Red Light Collagen Therapy

Experience the rejuvenating effects of Red Light Collagen Therapy!


  • Evidenced to promote anti-aging, restorative & pain relieving effects.

  • Studies & testimonies cite benefits including improvement of overall appearance, reduction or elimination of skin issues such as acne, cellulite, stretch marks, scars, age spots, sun damage as well as fine lines & wrinkles.

  • It can help promote decreased healing time for wounds & injuries & help alleviate some effects associated with chronic conditions as well as reduce pain & inflammation.

  • Red Light Therapy has also been recommended by some practitioners to aid in the improvement of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis & rosacea.

Airbrush Tanning

images (82).jpg

Fully customized Airbrush Tanning in a professional environment by a trained, certified technician is a fast and easy way to get that perfectly sun-kissed glow.  Boost your confidence & nourish your skin with a natural, airbrushed tan.

Forget the tan lines, streaks, unpleasant smells & orange hands.

At Nurture, we've got your covered, in an all natural UV Free tan, that is!


12 minute (max) session


Combining the power of UV light & collagen boosting
Red Light to provide a unique health & beauty experience.

The KBL Optima Tanning Bed provides a specialized combination of both UVA & UVB light waves, encouraging Vitamin D synthesis, increased melanin production & resulting in a deeper, longer lasting tan.

The high performance Red LED bulbs, also called “rubin-collagen boosters”, promote oxygenation, cell regeneration & collagen production, which can result in the reduction of lines & wrinkles, tightening & toning of problem areas, as well as the revitalization & detoxification of the skin. 

Individual Wellness Consult

60 minutes

In this private, one on one consultation, a wellness practitioner will conduct a thorough evaluation & will utilize your body's unique feedback to assist in identifying areas of concern, enrichment, as well as goals & objectives to meet your individual needs. At the conclusion of the assessment, your practitioner will utilize the information to assist you in developing a personalized wellness plan, including ONDAMED PEMF Sessions.



Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy

30 - 60 minutes

th (6).jpg

The Ondamed uses gentle, focused electromagnetic pulses and specific frequencies to re-balance the body's intended state of homeostasis. A non-invasive & effective tool for many applications which may include pain management, mood management, behavioral health, sports medicine, chronic conditions, healing & performance enhancement. 

While results vary, some individuals experience improvement or resolution of an issue with just one session. Others may require multiple or ongoing sessions, depending on the issues they are addressing or the goals outlined in their individualized wellness plan.

Ondamed can be utilized as a form of alternative OR complimentary healthcare as well as a way to promote wellness & optimize health.  It is used by healthcare professionals & wellness practitioners all over the world.  

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